About Maria Droujkova

MariaD2_2009-100by100.jpgI have about fifteen years of experience developing programs and courses for helping people to learn mathematics and to engage in thought-provoking studies. I design, develop and write about learning experiences for diverse people and situations: early algebra games for pre-K groups of children; Math Clubs and the Family Online Studies for family-centered communities; classes and seminars for k-20 and graduate students; and seminars, workshops and classes for pre-service and in-service teachers. I started several online educational communities, including the Natural Math network and the Math 2.0 Interest Group. I am a member of several hundred online educator networks. I have MS in Applied Mathematics from Tulane University and PhD in Mathematics Education from NCSU. My studies have been supported by grants, and published and presented nationally and internationally.

I live in Cary, North Carolina with my husband of twenty years and our daughter. I like to read science fiction and fantasy. My favorite computer games are MMORPGs (Eve Online, World of Warcraft) and puzzles (Blokus). Of the arts, I like drawing, folding origami, and drumming. For physical activities, I do amateur climbing and parkour. If you do a video conference with me, you are likely to see a dog and a parrot who live in my home office.

Here is my introduction in voice and pictures, Russian accent and all.

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ED526b Online Hours

While you are welcome to catch me online or by phone at any time, here are the hours where you are guaranteed or likely to meet others from the class, as well. During these times, we meet in Wimba virtual room. You are welcome to invite colleagues and friends to this open room, if they are interested in participating. You can also use the room for class collaboration outside of these hours.

Mondays 7-8pm community study and Q&A hour
Wednesdays 8-9pm weekly class discussion
Fridays 8-9am community study and Q&A hour

All times are Eastern US. You can also make an appointment by email. I will reply to class email within 24 hours.